Things you must avoid when creating horror games

This list was originally created by me and for me to create good horror games

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The list may grow up more if I discovered more not-to-do things


  • Make the game too dark
    • Dark means scary. Well, but if it's too dark, your game will end up being a 'dark screen simulator with random sounds' rather than a 'horror game'.
    • Sometimes you will needed to make your game to give the player to manually adjust the brightness as everyone has different types of monitors.
  • Make the game predictable aka don't give players signs
    • This includes:
      • Always make the sound scary when there's enemy around, but stops when enemies are gone.
      • Always give jumpscares after scary sounds.
    • Doing this will make your player's tension not completely built up or for the worst case will make your game doesn't deserve to be called as a 'horror game' because your game is not scary at all.
  • Always short stamina bar
    • Making the main character to only able to run for like only 3 seconds will just make the main player to lose it's spirit to win and eventually make your game not 'horror game' but 'frustrating game'
  • Repetitive
    • This includes:
      • Always repetitive footsteps sound
      • Always repetitive objects

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